Wealth spoils value

Wealth spoils value
Wealth, Wealth, Wealth - I have seen people associating great importance to this word. But do you think that wealth is more important than any other thing of the world. I don't think so. Wealth is important in life but it is not everything. People are hankering after money. Their first and foremost aim of life is to earn money. They even do not see the resources by which they gather money. They irrespective of legitimate or illegimate are all the time busy in gathering wealth. They are losing their morality and values in doing so. Being a muslim it is our duty to take care of the resources which bring us wealth but this is a sad fact of the modern life that muslim sometimes do not bother about the resources that bring wealth.What is important for them is just the WALTH, nothing else. But how could they forget that wealth will not company them forever.
Wealth has wings.
It is not the permanent companion of anyone. It is said,
" Wealth acquired by vanity shall be diminshed"
A very sad fact of modern life is that people respect those who are wealthy, who have money. They do not respect the learned but respect those rich who have influence in the society. In this way, the upper as well as lower class is losing its values. The lower class tries to make rich happy by flattering themand upper class are always busy in giving benefit to their loved ones. They do not bother about the values because they know that nobody is going to question them. In fact, wealth makes them fearless of people but they should not forget that there is a supreme power above(Allah) who is going to question them one day.
Its the same the whole world ever,
Its the poor that gets the blame,
Its the rich that gets the pleasure,
Isn't it a blooming shame.
Wealth is spoiling the values in another way. It is spoiling the young minds. Young girls and boys are going towards wrong direction. They drink and smoke as it is status symbol for them. Girls like to wear the clothes which do not cover their body and they feel proud by doing so. The young generation should understand that chracter is more important than anything else.
It is said,
"The character which results from wealth is that of a prosperous foul"
The bible says,
"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favour rather than silver and gold."
Quite right.
Wealth is nothing but an untrusted friend. It may win fair-wealth friends who leave in adversity.If one is given wealth ,he is in fact put into a trial by God. He should not misuse it. I would end my debate with the poem of Don
Money isn't the devil some say it is, Its realy of our existance and can be a resource for good how we come by it matters how we use it is important not a ticket to happiness and many other things are important

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