Books make us impractical

Books makes us impractical

In this rapidly-changing world, learning,is necessary as never before. Man needs not just to satisfy his curiosity, but has to able to complete with others, Many attend schools and colleges to increase their knowledge from books. But the question is " are books enough to give us pragmatic approach to life"?
Sometimes, books do not give us practical experience about life. Its true that the books are very important means of learning but only reading of books may make us impractical. As it is said.
" knowing is not enough, we must apply it, willing is not enough; we must do it."
Many people who hace great bookish knowledge cannot be successful when they came into practical life, only because they do not have a proper exposure. Experience and exposure are what we need in our daily life to lead a successful life. While experiencing something one can make , some mistakes but these mistakes lead him to final success.
" A man's error are his portals of discovery"
These days it is being saidthats
Books are creating just degree holders. Books do not give them practical knowledge. Ashfaq Ahmad said that Pakistan is suffering because of its educated people who confine themselves to the book only. They do not apply their knowledge to practice. He said that the farmer works from dawn to dusk. His work gives benefit to his nation, but the books do teach our people morality but they become impractical. They do not learn the taste of experience. We can read about sorrow or happiness in a book but we cannot feel it unless we experience it. A learned man can talk about morality but his real morality can only prove when it is put to taste.
A person who is well read, is incomplete unless he step into practical life. When someone starts practical life, he may feel some difficulties but after the experience of sometime.he comes out as a diamond out of a mine.

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