Compulsory Military Training

Compulsory Military Training

“War is a necessary evil” and the only way to meet this is to fight to out. Compulsory Military Training is therefore, of great importance to us. The idea of military training is not a modern growth. As old as the hills, the system was prevalent in ancient times in Europe and in our country also. Under this system every able-bodied young man is trained in the use of arms. Such young men are liable to be called out when emergency arises. This idea behind this system is that the defense of the country should not be left to the army alone. In case of war the perils and the risks must be shared by all the adults.

            Much can be said in favor of compulsory military training and against it. In these days of total war, it is argued that some sort of military training is very essential. Firstly, in the olden days the army alone fought and the civil population remained unaffected. In modern times the civilians also take part in war. Secondly, In these days of militarism it is very essential for a country to keep a large reserve force which can be used in the event of a conflict. Lastly, military training is an education in itself. It improves national health, builds up national character and morale and also the capacity to face hardships and perils. It teaches discipline, love of orderliness, team spirit and the spirit of adventures, and brings out some of the best qualities in human nature.
            Compulsory military training must be introduced in Pakistan in view of some additional reasons. Our neighbor India has expansionist designs. She has not reconciled to the creation of Pakistan. She attacked Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 and may attack any other time. The grave situation calls for immediate action. Then we have extensive frontiers which are vulnerable. Unless we are vigilant, we may go under.
Again the recent developments in Asia and the massive military aids have worsened the prospects of peace. To defend our freedom we must have military training in schools and colleges. The task of training millions of people is difficult and expensive, but that is no argument for not doing it. Freedom is much more precious than anything else.
            Some people do not favor this scheme of compulsory military training. They say that compulsory military training results in the creation of the spirit of militarism. The people develop a tendency to enslave others. This is what happened in Germany during the world war. This spirit is inimical to peace. This view is not without some truth but the advantages of military training are more than its drawbacks. A realistic view of the situation recommends its introduction

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