What is Real Beauty?

What is the real beauty............

In this modern age, all fashionable women who have the extravagant habit, disfigure themselves by overpainting their faces. They ruin the natural beauty and grace of their faces in their attempt to look attractive.They used to spend lavishly on their faces and bodies even during the nation-wide business failure. They spend one hundred and fifty six million pounds a year is a small sum.It is said that the european womenmay not be spending as much money on "beautification" as do the American women. However they are spending much on beauty than they used to spend in the past. Fashionable women try to appear more attractive and less virtuous than their grandmother. The value have changed the ladies belonging to upper class use highly expensive cosmetics. They used imported lipsticks, creamsand and faces powder.

But real beauty is the outcome of spiritual nobility. The inner beauty and goodness of a woman are reflected on her outer face. A beautiful woman must be attractive from outside as well as inside. If a woman is empty spiritualy , she cannot make herself impresseive by her decorated face. A woman can look attractive if she is beautiful outwardly and inwardly. She must get rid of human vices and evils. She must be good at heart and kind to others. She must be free from greed , jealousy and ill will. Health is anotherfactor which make a woman beautiful. A healthy woman is sure to look attractive. Social justice is another factor which makes people live in harmony with one another. An unjust and badly organized society only gives ugliness to its people. The human race cannot be made beautiful by improving skin, food and cheapening health motors and electric hair removers. All men and women will be beautiful only when the social arrangements give a chance to live completely and harmoniously.

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